Amanda's Healthy Recipes

healthy and delicious recipes from around our retreats and diet programmes

Amanda's Recipes

  • Kimichi - a gut healthy superfood

    Kimchi (which can also be spelt kimchee) is a traditional fermented food from Korea. Usually made from vegetables including cabbage, radish or cucumber and a range of spices and seasonings...
    2018/Jun/08 0 Read more
  • Edamame Hummus

    Edamame beans are simply another name for soya beans. These little green beans are packed full of B-vitamins that help to break down carbs into glucose for fuel, so they are...
    2016/Dec/21 0 Read more
  • Summery Quinoa Breakfast Salad

    Quinoa is a superfood -  one of the few foods that truly deserve the title. Quinoa contains all the essential amino acids (EAAs), making it a complete protein, in actual...
    2016/May/31 0 Read more
  • Beetroot and sweet potato mash

    Beetroot has also long been used to boost energy as It provides easily assimilated iron when combined with vitamin C. This super tasty mash is ideal as a side or...
    2016/May/08 0 Read more
  • High protein spicy crab with avocado cream

    This is a recipe packed with good healthy fats and protein. You can substitute the crab meat with prawns, crayfish tails or even chicken! Use it as a dip for...
    2016/Apr/19 0 Read more
  • Egg white pancakes with mascarpone cheese and Scottish raspberries

    The high protein recipes is one of my favourite special breakfast dishes for special occasions - but is delicious dessert too! Enjoy! INGREDIENTS(One pancake)3 egg whites1 tbs coconut flour1-2 tsp...
    2016/Apr/18 0 Read more
  • Lean Green Smoothie

    Incorporating more leafy greens into your daily menu isn’t always easy. It can be a great help to concentrate your desired intake into juices or smoothies - a shortcut that...
    2016/Feb/08 0 Read more
  • Oatcakes with spiced prawns and kimichi

    Herbs and spices are an inexpensive way to add flavour to food at the same time as delivering specific functional benefits. Chilli is one of nature’s best-known antibacterial so it’s...
    2016/Jan/21 0 Read more
  • Banana berry parfait

    Switch natural yoghurt for Greek yoghurt to boost protein content, ideally containing some fat to add the creamier mouth feel.    Ingredients 100 ml Yoghurt - Low Fat Natural or...
    2016/Jan/08 0 Read more
  • Apple and vanilla protein pancakes with drizzle

      Drizzle or dollop a topping onto these delicious pancakes - versatile enough for breakfast or a treat - your choice! Ingredients 40 ml Cows Milk - Skimmed or Semi...
    2016/Jan/08 0 Read more
  • Magic mango sorbet

    An ideal sweet dessert with no added sugar for summer that's rich in vitamin C. Remember to make a batch - you are likely to want to go back for...
    2016/Jan/08 0 Read more
  • Baked nectarine with honey yoghurt

    A lovely looking pudding that's as healthy as it is tasty. Swap natural yoghurt for Greek yoghurt to boost protein content if preferred.  Ingredients 50 ml Yoghurt - Low Fat...
    2016/Jan/08 0 Read more
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