Uniquely placed to assist brands and organizations looking to communicate health. 

Communicating Health

For almost two decades I've been luckily enough to work with leading and influential health, nutrition and wellness brands.

This has included helping to carve out new product ideas, shape strategy, deliver content and offer media representation. 

As an ex-journalist, both in broadcast and print, I have the unique position of understanding both camps - those who need to get a message across and those who need to have it heard or read. Many years hosting live television programmes ensures I know how to handle the most dynamic of environments.

Beyond products and campaigns, in the hotel and spa sector I've created signature spa breaks and menus in several leading hotels, including the iconic leading hotels of the world, Marbella Club and Cala di Volpe in Sardinia.

In short, I love the creative journey and challenge of bringing a health message to life. 


"Amanda and her team have delivered a highly impactful and popular programme for our female OakNorth employees. We are looking forward to
exploring what is in store next!"

Farzana Choudary,, Associate Director, People Operations, Oak North Bank

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In a 2023 study, 44% of UK women have reported that menopause symptoms have impacted their ability to do their job and 1 in 10 women have left their job because of the menopause.

Our Women’s Reset Corporate programme offers groups of women within a company or organisation a bespoke health and wellness service delivered virtually via our app.

The service includes options such as lunchtime seminars, meal plans, nutrition advice, Zoom fitness classes and medical guidance with our Women's Health Registered Nurse.

Get in touch if you\d like to speak to our team about how we can help. info@amandahamilton.com


Change location, change the conversation.

Our group retreats can be tailored for companies, teams or a group of family or friends. Our bespoke wellness retreats inspire guests to improve health and wellbeing whilst providing the ultimate inspiring location for connection. Throughout a bespoke retreat, menus are carefully tailored to the needs of the group, and - of course - are utterly delicious.

The location

Whilst our team can operate from anywhere in the world. Our bespoke group retreat ‘home’ is Villa Punta Paloma in Tarifa, Spain. Set at the very end of a little-used coastal road, this exquisite venue is surrounded by pine forests on the side of with a hill that reaches down to the beach, with open-ended ocean views.

The villa’s layout means everyone has a little bit of private space, whether you’re in one of the two bedrooms in the main house, the three double suites alongside it or the wooden garden cottage.

There's an aerial yoga deck, an outdoor gym and a private beach and a shower for cooling off. There is even a spa, with double treatment beds and a sauna.

In short, there’s space for connecting, conversation, deep thinking and, if it happens to be on your agenda, work. ​

Once we understand your wants, needs and group dynamics we will curate a package accordingly. We offer clients a range of options - based on the group size, time of year, length of retreat, wellness brief and budget.


The best way to move forward is to retreat.