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Uniquely placed to assist brands and organisations looking to communicate health. 

For more than a decade I've been luckily enough to work with some of Europe's leading and influential health brands.

This has included helping to carve out new product ideas, shape strategy, deliver content and offer media representation. 

As an ex-journalist, both in BBC broadcast and print, I have the unique position of understanding both camps - those who need to get a message across and those who need to have it heard or read.

Many years of live BBC broadcasting mean I am the ultimate safe pair of hands for knowing what can and can't be said. In today's murky waters of health claims and headlines, only brands who are authentic and evidenced based enjoy loyalty from savvy consumers. 

Beyond products and campaigns, in the hotel and spa sector I've created signature spa breaks and menus in several leading hotels, including the iconic leading hotels of the world, Marbella Club and Cala di Volpe.

In short, I love the creative journey, the process of collaborating with like minds, and the challenge of bringing a health message to life. Read more about our communication services. 




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