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Amanda Hamilton's 3-7 day programmes in Scotland, England, Spain & Kuwait


Both professionally and personally my goal is to keep life in balance across the three pillars of nutrition, health and self. 

Most of us want to look good and feel good without pushing our body to extremes.

I focus on where the science is strongest and where the results are long-lasting.  My methodology is based around creating health from the inside out, working with clients on optimising movement, sleep, gut health and nutrition with evidence-based, natural approaches - always in tune with who my clients are as individuals. 

Scientific, medical and nutrition communities are united in the core understanding that gut health is key to wider health. Short fasts and intermittent fasting (IF) are excellent fast-track methods to achieve fat loss and significant health improvement.  I have written best-selling books on both these subjects. And when it comes to diet, diversity is the new restriction.

My approach is to get personal. My clinics in London, Edinburgh and the Middle East offer highly tailored, bespoke programmes. For those that prefer personalisation delivered alongside luxury, my retreats in UK, Spain and Kuwait remain as popular as ever - and of course, they deliver great results in a short time.

Last but not least, each month I host a free webinar to help clear up confusion on nutrition and health subjects that really matter. 

I hope to connect. 




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