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As a nutritionist and health communicator, my personal mission statement is to help bring health to life - and more than ever this means getting personal.

The fact is, we are all different. Every person responds differently to the same food. It is only logical therefore that we need to move away from the one-size-fits-all approach and move on to something more in tune with who we actually are are individuals.

That's been my big focus for 2017 -  enhancing my retreats, online programmes and clinics so that they become more personalised, and therefore more powerful. 

It has meant the launch of my online coaching plan that supports and personalises my best-selling G Plan Diet plan. For those that prefer personalisation delivered alongside luxury, my retreats remain as popular as ever - and of course, they deliver great results in a short time.  

We offer juice fasting detox programmes and healthy breaks at luxury resorts in Spain, England, Scotland and our new programmes for the Middle East. Retreats can transform health, provide mind space and inspiration and, of course, shift those unwanted pounds. 

Books, magazines, radio, TV and events - get in touch on social or drop us a line! 


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