Nutritionist, Author and Consultant

Put facts front and centre, ask the questions that others don't, collaborate and educate.


My aim is to inspire better nutrition and help you feel fantastic by restoring optimal health through evidence-based, natural approaches.

I also love to communicate on all things wellbeing. As a journalist and broadcaster, I've presented over 10 major TV series on health and and have written four best-selling books. My lunchtime interactive webinars are a good chance to delve into key subjects in nutrition, so keep a look out for those each month. 

Innovation and communication go hand in hand and I've been lucky enough to work with several brilliant food and drink brands, and privileged to have helped to create some others. 

My key areas of clinical expertise are gut health and fasting/ intermittent fasting - excellent methods to achieve safe, body-wide results. However, we are all unique and a personal approach is almost always needed in order to achieve the best result, that's where the clinics and retreats come in.

Movement is medicine too. Being in nature soothes my soul, and staying active is a daily need. With a background in international level competitive sports it was perhaps inevitable that I've now also trained in Pilates - an ideal way to stay strong and injury free. 

Last but never least, I am a mother.  Like so many others I care deeply about the worrying trends that the next generation are inheriting, understanding all the while that keeping nutrition and lifestyle advice real and realistic is vital for success - and sanity. 

Let me know how me and the team can help! 

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