Everyone has the ability to look, live and feel better.

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The Women’s Reset is my app-based community with an impactful programme of diet, exercise, mindset and medical support for women in midlife and beyond.

My retreats run throughout the year with a focus on intermittent fasting, fitness, wellness and metabolic detox programmes. All retreats are hosted in incredible locations, offering an amazing holiday with a purpose. 

Clinic services include my signature Body Transform programme and Menopause Harley Street Clinic packages. 

Media and speaking takes me all over the globe.

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The Women's Reset Programme

If you are interested in making changes to your health, you will love this supportive and transformative monthly programme.

"This programme has changed my life! I'm feel like my body is fully back on track and I finally know what to do with midlife health challenges." Lucy Barclay

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"Amanda Hamilton is Britain's best-recognized celebrity nutritionist.”

Wall Street Journal

“Amanda Hamilton has run hugely popular and highly informative seminars for Oak North Bank. We find it hugely impactful relative to the organisational time involved. Highly recommended.”

Farzana Choudary,Associate Director, People Operations, Oak North Bank

“Amanda’s approach is pragmatic and balanced – just like the diets she recommends. She is an inquisitive, rigorous healthcare practitioner with a clear understanding of the real world and the challenges we all face in our daily lives.”

Dr. Jonty Heaversedge,Author and Broadcaster

“She’s the ultimate media-savvy professional. She has an uncanny instinct for what’s the next big thing and a track-record that speaks for itself.”

Julia Champion, Champion Talent

"Amanda's diets add years to life and life to years."

Author's Prof Ian Philp, M.D. Government Tsar on Ageing