Halloween often means lots of sugary treats packed with chemical flavourings. But you can still enjoy Halloween without the need for all that added sugar. Here I’ve adapted some simple Halloween recipes I found online to make them healthier while keeping them fun for kids…and adults! 

Apple monster mouths (makes 4)


1 apple (we used green but any apple would work)

¼ cup of nut butter (choose a brand with no added salt or sugar)

Red food colouring (beetroot powder is a great natural choice!)

Blanched almonds cut in half or flaked almonds or sunflower seeds


In a small bowl, mix the nut butter and 8 drops of the red food colouring (if using beetroot powder mix the powder with a little water before adding to make it easier to mix) and mix well until the butter is the colour of a blood!

Wash the apple, remove the core and slice into quarters. Depending on the size of your apple you may need to slice each quarter in half again. The pieces need to be mouth size!

Cut a wedge from the skin side of the apple in each to make a mouth shape. If you are making these up in advance, use lemon juice on the cut areas of the apple to minimize browning.

Fill the mouth with the coloured nut butter.

Cut the almonds / sunflower seeds into pointy fangs - scissors can be easier than a knife for this.

Place the almonds/seeds in 1 or 2 rows (depending on the size of your apple mouth!)


Spider Crackers  


Round crackers such as Ritz

Very thin bread sticks

Cream cheese or nut butter (choose a brand with no added salt or sugar)

Small dried fruit such as raisins, blueberries or cranberries or candy eyes


Spread cream cheese or nut butter on one side of the cracker so that it's thick enough to secure the bread sticks.

Break bread sticks in half and use 8 halves for legs.

On another cracker, spread a light layer of cream cheese or nut butter so that it can sandwich the other cracker and bread sticks together, without moving.

Dip two raisins in cream cheese or nut butter and stick them to the top of one side for eyes - or use the candy eyes.