Sardinia has long been recognised as one of the rare and precious places where people live longer and healthier than anywhere else on earth, a so-called Blue Zone. 

Although the islands been part of Italy for more than 150 years, it has its own traditions, its own mythologies, its deep connection to its past.  An inseparable rhythm between people, land and sea. 

This island has truly astonished me. It leaves you with the realisation of our presence on earth; the understanding that we are part of something that is much larger than us. 

For people here, eating farm to fork and with the seasons, well, it is just how things are done. What better place to launch my first ever pop-up dining experience?

It's not just about the incredibly healthy mediterranean foods. From locally grown artisanal wines we pay special attention to the Cannanou grape, famed for links to longevity due to the exceptional levels of polyphenols, naturally occurring micronutrients in plants. When you eat plants with polyphenols, you can reap the health benefits.

The farm is really just the beginning. My new longevity and wellness retreat is launching this in the stunning Cala di Volpe hotel in September - let's just say you'll be learning how to live la Dolce Vita for longer!