Here at detox HQ we've been wanting to create a private retreat option for some time. But where? In the end, there was no better option than in Amanda's home town of North Berwick - the jewel in the crown of Scotland's stunning coast.

Available for a minimum of 3 nights, our early-bird guests have chosen to opt for longer stays of 7 or 10 days - some even staying for several weeks. If you looking for a total body transformation with personalised coaching, this is an ideal approach. It has also proved popular with guests who've wanted to bring a partner or relative along for a more tailored detox experience.

The package

These bespoke experiences are tailored to the individual or individuals, but share the core components of nutrition consultation, detox support and body sculpting Pilates. Additional options such as massage, day spa visits, personal training, physiotherapy, meditation or vision board workshops can be delivered through our excellent network of local professionals. 

The menu 

The programme is offered fully catered with daily smoothies, soups, snack balls and herbal teas with optional gut health extras in the form of bone broth and kefir. Menus are tailored to the individual.

Getting there

Transportation links are excellent, with a train station just five minutes away and Edinburgh airport a 45-minute transfer. 

For more information, contact our retreat team on