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The Midlife Reset 8-week programme - interactive app, classes, menus, pilates & more!

The Midlife Reset is the ultimate programme to help your body, your mindset and your shape. It's just for women, typically between the ages of 40-60 years old, but we don't...

Women's Detox Retreat North Berwick

Set in the famously beautiful beach town of North Berwick near Edinburgh at a five-star hotel, this three-night, four-day retreat couldn't be better placed to deliver everything you've ever wanted...
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Online detox weekend

Join Amanda and her team for this 3-day online detox weekend and give your body some time out to reset while also helping kick start weight loss. These retreats can be...

3-Night Metabolic Detox at Champneys

Looking for a transformative retreat? Join us at Champneys Spa Tring in Hertfordshire. This professional programme runs from Friday to Monday and allows your body to detoxify and lose weight...
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Midlife Reset 4-week Summer Re-shape Special

The Midlife Reset is an online programme that can help you transform you body, your mindset and your shape.  It's just for women, typically between the ages of 40-70 years old,...

The Complete Retreat in the Scottish Highlands

A well-being and fitness holiday like no other... Looking to kick start a healthier lifestyle in stunning surroundings? Gain knowledge and insights from leading nutrition, fitness, pilates and yoga experts...
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4-Night Metabolic Detox at Champneys

Join us at Champneys Tring in Hertfordshire. This five-day intensive programme is our most comprehensive detox on offer - ideal for those seeking more time, space and personalised attention.  Based on...
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