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Honest Weight Loss 6-week Online Programme - classes, recipes & meal plans, coaching

This is the ultimate programme for body shaping results, education and realistic, insightful advice for women in midlife. Average fat loss using our approach is 10 lbs in 6 weeks with the option...

Free! How to tackle the 'menopause middle' webinar

From this free webinar you'll learn: Why peri-and menopause middle is a real thing What you can do to help shift that excess weight Key habits all women in midlife...

3-Night Metabolic Detox at Champneys

Looking for a transformative retreat? This professional programme runs from Friday to Monday and allows your body to detoxify and lose weight more effectively, helping you reboot your metabolic health...
£1,050.00 Reserve your place

Premium Midlife Solutions Workshop

During this premium workshop, you can find out how simple it can be to tackle hormonal shifts and midlife weight gain. You’ll be guided on key nutrition swaps and will...

Fit & Fast retreat in Scottish Highlands

A wellbeing and fitness holiday like no other Looking to kick start a healthier lifestyle in stunning surroundings? Gain knowledge and insights from leading experts in nutrition, cooking, pilates and...

Online detox weekend

Join Amanda and her team for this 3-day online detox weekend and give your body some time out to reset while also helping kick start weight loss. These retreats can be...

4-Night Metabolic Detox at Champneys

This five-day intensive programme is our most comprehensive detox on offer - ideal for those seeking more time, space and personalised attention.  This retreat can help you lose weight safely,...
£1,465.00 Reserve your place
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