Online Detox Weekend - Sept 2024

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At home

Join Amanda and her team for this 3-day online detox weekend and give your body some time out to reset while also helping kick start weight loss.

These retreats can be completed from the comfort of your own home with a blender, simple ingredients, and a little time. Includes all recipes and guidebook, mindfulness meditation, and nutrition education and guidance.

The programme includes an easy-to-follow detox menu of soups, smoothies and raw snacks designed to be easy on your digestion while packed with nutrition to fuel healthy weight loss, PLUS an optional 3 day pre and post detox menu plan.

There's a WhatsApp group set up before the retreat begins to help you get organised and to connect with the group, and it remains available (supported by our team), during the detox transition phase.

Benefits you'll experience

  • Increased energy
  • Improved digestion
  • Weight-loss
  • Glowing skin
  • Education to promote lifelong healthy eating habits

What this detox includes

This detox runs from Thurs pm to Sunday morning, and the schedule includes:

  • 9 days of beautiful printable menu plans and recipes: 3-day smoothie, soup and raw snack menu plan with recipes (with optional pre- and post- detox 3 day menu plans)
  • Three online live education sessions (see schedule below)
  • Recorded audio-mediation
  • The support of Amanda and team and like-minded individuals via WhatsApp

The detox can be followed along with normal life but you'll get increased benefits if you're able to slow down, have time to rest and relax and focus on the detox. This will also help with any detox symptoms you may experience.

About the menus

Simply choose from soups, smoothies and raw snacks throughout the weekend according to hunger. Leave at least 3 hrs between eating times, and 12 hrs between your last meal of the day and breakfast. Up to three smoothies, three servings of soup and three snacks allowed. Full menu provided.

Weekend schedule

Education & Support Sessions

All sessions are held live on Zoom but recordings will be made available after the session. 

Thursday 7.30pm - Introduction to the retreat & Nutrition Q&A

Friday 7.30pm - Understanding the Detox Process & Mastering your Metabolism

Saturday 1pm- Detox Body & Mind masterclass

Sunday - Mindfulness meditation - (take part in your own time)

Each retreat runs from Thursday evening to Saturday evening, with a Sunday meditation to listen to in your own time. It includes an optional 3-day pre-detox menu and 3-day post-detox menu. 

Online Detox Weekend - Sept 2024
Online Detox Weekend - Sept 2024
Online Detox Weekend - Sept 2024
Online Detox Weekend - Sept 2024
This is your time to shine.
Transformation starts here.
It's the right time now to look after yourself.