Post Retreat Information & Recipes

We’ve added all the information, menu plans, recipes and guidance you should need following the retreat on this one page. You can come back here as often as you like after your retreat. 

If you have any questions which aren’t answered here please feel free to email and we will come back to you ASAP.

What to eat after the detox

Day 1: VEGAN - fruit and avocado with nuts and seeds and shot of kefir, steamed or grilled vegetables with oil drizzle, vegetable soup, crudities and hummus 

Day 2: VEGETARIAN - smoothie with kefir, fruit, greens and seeds, omelette with salad, stir fried vegetables and tofu with quinoa

Day 3: FLEXITARIAN - porridge with chia seeds, fruit and yoghurt, vegetable soup with salad and boiled eggs, steamed greens and grilled fish

12-week follow-on plan

To help you continue to eat healthily we've created a 12-week follow-on menu with recipes and shopping list to make it as easy as possible for you to keep up the good work. You can download all the documents you’ll need by clicking the links below. 

Retreat Juice, smoothie
and soup recipes

Recreate any of the JUICE, SMOOTHIE SOUP AND SNACK RECIPES you enjoyed on the retreat with these recipes.

Chia Puddings

And here we've got lots of varieties of CHIA PUDDING RECIPES

Baked Oats

Another simple breakfast option to try BAKED OATS RECIPES

Energy Balls

The perfect sweet snack or after dinner treat are these ENERGY BALLS

Fact Sheets

As little reminders of the things we discussed in the workshops, we have prepared these factsheets which you can download to suit your needs/interests.


We've also put together a simple guide to help you create your own at-home Pilates routine. Which you can download here: PILATES ROUTINE and you can listen to a GUIDED VOICE RECORDING here.

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