Clinic Consultations

Clinic Consultations 

The clinic currently has a waiting list. Please email for next available slots. You can also request a call back via the enquiry form to discuss any of the clinic programmes and costs.

"Amanda is an outstanding coach and nutritional therapist!  She was able to discover what makes me tick in and out of work, how I deal with stress, what my relationship with food is and what our family set up is.  She developed an eating plan that I loved and achieved outstanding results.  I’m no longer suffering from headaches, my migraines are almost gone, the inches are falling off along with 10 pounds so far in the first 7 weeks! It’s the best investment I’ve ever spent on our wellbeing."

All new clients require an on-boarding consultation and assessment, this is usually conducted with Amanda Zoom. 

This comprehensive consultation includes an assessment of your environment, your relationship to food, current dietary intake, metabolic health and of course, your goals. It may require a review of functional tests. This process takes time, but you will be guided through step-by-step. 

The resulting plan includes easy to follow food group and portion guides and tailored recipes plus a range of lifestyle recommendations and interventions.

Functional medical testing is available via our medical laboratory partner with locations throughout the UK. USA and overseas clients will be provided with local functional testing options. Depending on the required test you may be able to conduct the test at home (saliva test for example). 

Initial consultation + plus one follow up coaching session - £495.

Ongoing coaching sessions - £120 per session.


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