Clinic programmes

Clinic consultations currently have a 3 week waiting list. Please email You can also request a call back via the enquiry form to discuss any of the clinic programmes.

A quote that explains Amanda's unique approach from recent client, Lorna Denham:

"Amanda is an outstanding coach and nutritionist! What made Amanda different from anything or anyone else I’ve worked with is that she invested time in finding out so much about me. She was able to discover what makes me tick in and out of work, how I deal with stress, what my relationship with food is and what our family set up is. She discovered how my personality works and tailor-made an eating plan that would work for me and that my family could join in with. She developed an eating plan that I loved and achieved outstanding results. "

"It's been life changing for us, simple recipes that are really quick and easy to cook, we are eating so much healthier, we are all happier. I’m no longer suffering from headaches, my migraines are almost gone, the inches are falling off along with 10 pounds so far in the first 7 weeks! It’s the best investment we’ve ever spent on our wellbeing."

Personalised Nutrition Programmes 

When I work with people we focus on four core themes:

  • We find the most effective way for your body to lose fat and keep in shape long term. It is not about chasing a number on the scale, metabolic health impacts on all aspects of your vitality.  
  • Lower inflammation, improve gut health and support natural immunity.
  • Build the best diet and lifestyle plan to suit your lifestyle.
  • Align with the body’s rhythms to slow ageing, improve mindfulness and beat the biological clock.

Where needed, Pilates coaching can be included in any programme to help strengthen, tone and reduce risk of injury. 

Personal nutrition and lifestyle coaching - £95 per week

This is the most flexible clinic option, designed to help those new to nutrition or who prefer incremental change and regular support. It requires 1-2 hrs of consultation to set up, and then operates with weekly coaching slots of up to 45 mins. This coaching can include Pilates if desired. A minimum of 4-weeks is required in order to onboard a client, thereafter clients can pause or stop with one week's notice only. 

Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation with Personalised Advice 'Bible'  - £395

A comprehensive consultation that includes an assessment of your environment, relationship to food, metabolic health and practical goals resulting in a nutrition and lifestyle plan. This includes easy to follow food group and portion guides and bespoke recipes. This is a 'bible' of sorts, ideal for people who are confident in managing change. 

    Women's Midlife Body Reset 1:1 programme - 7 sessions- £695

    This programme is ideal for women in midlife who prefer 1:1 support for weight loss, a health condition and / or hormonal health. Can include functional medical testing alongside if required. 

    • Initial consultation plus 6 additional support sessions
    • Complete personalised menu plans based on lifestyle, nutritional needs & dietary preferences
    • Weekly support sessions, programme updates and ad-hoc Q & A throughout 

    Total Body Transformation programm - 10 sessions: Nutrition & Pilates £1250 

    The recommended programme if there's a need for a longer period of support, for example for comprehensive weight loss or a complex health condition. It includes a review and update meeting each session, plus 10 x 30 min 1:1 online Pilates session.

    • Initial consultation 
    • Personalised menu based on lifestyle, nutritional needs & dietary preferences - this is updated and adjusted throughout the programme 
    • Weekly pilates session
    • Weekly progress updates
    • Ad-hoc support via Whatsapp throughout
    • Follow on goal setting session 

    The programme results in a personalised nutrition 'bible' to help sustain results in the long term. 

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