Ready to look and feel great?

Whether you are looking to reset habits, kick start weight loss, address a specific health issue or just yearn to look and feel better, our retreats offer incredible results in just a matter of days.

Our multi-therapeutic, personalised approach is an ideal starting point for the journey towards better health, but we understand that location matters to you too.  

Throughout the year our retreats are hosted in handpicked destinations carefully curated to nourish both body and mind.

  • Award-winning luxury spa - Champneys, 1hr from London
  • Breathtaking Scottish landscape - North Berwick, near Edinburgh
  • Sophisticated European luxury - Marbella Club, Spain

We include a full support package before and after your retreat and guests have the option of DNA testing, gut health checks and a wide range of leading functional medicine testing through our clinic.

Expert nutrition advice is paired with our retreat exercise schedule of morning walks and daily Pilates masterclasses. At each venue, there's a wide range of additional activities and treatments on offer too.

All our retreats are designed to be inspiring, helpful and - in some way - life-changing. As ever, the best way to move forward is to retreat.

Charity Partnership with Mary's Meals

Amanda Hamilton's company is now a charity partner to Mary's Meals.
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What stages in our lives do our joints and bones need a little more TLC?

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Effective weight loss: my clinic approach

Improving your diet generally, cutting down on sugar, getting a bit more active and drinking in moderation are all important...
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