We are all different. Every person responds differently to the same food. It’s only logical that the most powerful path to getting healthier is through personalised, professional nutrition.

The Personalised Nutrition clinic is led by Amanda Hamilton with the help of a dedicated support team. We partner with leading Functional Medicine and DNA testing labs for any and provide preferential pricing and home delivery service on Amanda's own juice cleanses and organic supplements. 

What does personalised nutrition mean for you?  

  • Assistance with weight loss
  • Help your body heal from a chronic health condition
  • Manage stress and burn out
  • Discover more satisfying food choices that suit you and your body
  • Learn about your DNA strengths & weaknesses
    • Improve your chances of improvement in fitness by over 80%
    • Reduce guesswork around diet
  • Make sense of nutritional information and find out what you should be doing, rather than follow the latest trend
  • Only take necessary supplements, reduce waste and unnecessary expense
  • Create healthy nutrition habits that deliver results
  • Support your child's health
  • Boost fertility treatment / pre-conceptual health


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