Ali Gordon-Creed joins our Champney's retreat team as our support counsellor. Ali trained as a chiropractor, psychotherapist and person-centred counsellor and has 30 years experience in the personal development field.

I've been considering adding a stronger element of counselling and life coaching for a while - Ali is the perfect fit - Amanda 

During each retreat, Ali will be on hand to work one to one with clients on personal goals and issues and she will also run a taster workshop of her Future Perfect workshop during the 5-night retreats.

The workshop is based on the practice and principles of 'Cybernetics.' The science of cybernetics is based on research which shows that the subconscious mind is a goal-setting mechanism, consisting of the brain and the nervous system, governed by the conscious mind.

The retreat Future Perfect workshops will last for around 2 hours and will involve time to discuss goals, to  meditate and connect with your subconscious and the all important task of creating your vision board which will be your visual reminder of what you want to achieve.

Ali is hugely respected in the field and tours the course around Europe - prepare to be inspired! 

Remember to book your place on our 5-night Champneys retreats early - we are almost always full!