In just a few short years we’ve moved from "how does sir like his coffee?"  to "would you like an turmeric shot with your juice this morning madame”?  The world of health and nutrition is moving at a pace. Having been a nutritionist and creator of wellbeing concepts for brands and spas for more than a decade, I see that things are changing, fast.  Blink and you’ll be left behind.

This is good news. In many ways health is becoming a the new definition of wealth. And it is no longer pigeon-holed into using the latest wearable technologies or hard-core gym session. We want it weaved into our downtime too -  into holidays, travel and family time.

At The Marbella Club I’ve been working on the idea of making this iconic destination, long associated with glamour and prestige, to become a truly health friendly one. Prebiotic, probiotic and anti-inflammatory ingredients, many of which guests are familiar with through their own nutritionist or personal trainer, are weaved into fine dining menus. One of the key principles of this new approach being that the healthy option should look and taste just as good as the ‘real’ thing. So, in your prefer you weight loss plan to be incognito, consider it done.

Tailoring menus is one thing, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. Targeting and tailoring according to consumer genomics could have some enlightened and forward-thinking health brands laughing all the way to the gene bank. The cost of ordering your personalised DNA profile is mere pocket change for wealthy health wannabes. A recent estimate predicted that this nascent global market could be worth anywhere between $2 bn and $7 bn a year.

Swab your saliva and have a boutique wines selected for your taste buds? It’s already happening. Send a stool sample to map your microbiome (the collective name for the bacteria that reside in the gut) and have a tailored eating plan to suit. Also already happening.

But is it not all about innovation. The drive to natural and tailored nutrition sits alongside the need to digital detox. Remembering what it is to be a human being, rather than human doing.

According to Dr. Franz Linser, hospitality specialist, the wellness retreats of the future will be “equal parts spectacular, yet simple...on top of mountains, deep in the woods and snow, on the water, and in the form of everything from tree houses to houseboats. Spas, treatments and saunas will become ‘nature cocoons’ - a far cry from bling and brand-led.