What to expect: results for body and mind

Looking to achieve a great result in a short amount of time by attending one of our retreats? You are in good company, most people do!

Amanda's retreats became famous around the world when a TV series documented the incredible physical and mental transformations that guests underwent in a short period of time.  Watch the highlights below.

The retreats deliver results from our perfectly crafted combination of nutrition, juice fasting, education and inspiration.  Think about it like putting your body through a service - happily for most people seeking to also lose weight this also means an average of 1lb of fat loss per day

Juice fasting means consuming nothing but juice and light broths made from a variety of vegetables and a little fruit whereas intermittent fasting (I.F) structures the day to ensure fasting hours and non-fasting hours. For both approaches personalised optimised nutrition is the very core of the retreat programme design.  


Health benefits 

When you juice fast like you do on our retreats the body is also given the time to identify and get rid of damaged or defective parts. This process is called autophagy.

For example, when mitochondria (the cellular generators responsible for energy output) progressively lose function and become damaged due to ill health and bad diet this intensifies the rate of cell ageing and death. Mitochondrial dysfunction has been linked to a variety of illnesses including diabetes, heart disorders and neurological problems.

Autophagy enables the cells to get rid of the dysfunctional mitochondria, allowing them to be replaced by more ‘energy efficient’ new ones. It also helps the body fight infections and recovers from injuries.

So, during a retreat the process of elimination of the dead and dying cells is speeded up and the new building of cells is accelerated and stimulated. At the same time, the toxic waste products that interfere with the nourishment of the cells are effectively eliminated and the normal metabolic rate and cell oxygenation are restored.

Here's a video from a TV series made about the results from my retreat methodology that was shown around the world. 

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