What makes our retreats special

Our personalised retreats are a blend of stunning body results and mindful inspiration - an antidote to modern living in locations with views that are simply breathtaking. 

But, what truly sets us apart is the professional care and attention that ensures our guests receive a highly personalised experience. With 15 years experience, our team, led by Amanda Hamilton, are all trained to the highest level in nutrition, psychology, yoga and fitness. 

Our most popular retreat remains our juice detox programme. This process allows the body to optimise healing, shift excess pounds and at the same time as delivering a gut health reboot.  As a best-selling author on fasting (Eat, Fast, Slim) and gut health (G-Plan Diet),  Amanda is one of the world's leading authorities on the use of this combined approach to deliver long-lasting results. 

The experience begins with a consultation prior to attending with one of our nutrition team. This helps us ensure your retreat experience - from juices, teas, gut boosters, supplements and treatments - are tailored to suit your exact needs. We are also able to coordinate any functional tests through our clinic to give you access to information you'd be unable to access in other ways. 

Over and above helping your achieve your goals, the emphasis during retreats is on delivering a truly memorable holiday experience. We make best use of the stunning locations and spa facilities - we are incredibly choosy about where we host retreats and our guests are always thankful!

"What singles out Amanda’s retreats from others is not just the informative daily workshops she gives which she tailors to the group’s needs, it’s also the dedicated care and attention during the retreat and afterwards to make sure you get the most out of your detox experience. This includes personalised teas, variations on juices served and supplements chosen to support your programme." Queen of Retreats 

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