What makes my retreats special

My retreats are a blend of stunning body results and mindful inspiration - an antidote to modern living in locations with views that are simply breathtaking. 

But, what truly sets my retreats apart is the professional care and attention that ensures every one of our guests receives a highly personalised experience no matter which retreat is chosen. For 2018/19 there are 3 options:

Personalised Juice Detox Retreat  - 3-day / 4-day / 6-day

Champneys, England

A programme that allows the body to optimise healing, shift excess pounds and at the same time as delivering a gut health reboot.  As a best-selling author on the subjects of fasting (Eat, Fast, Slim) and gut health (G-Plan Diet), this combined approach is proven, professional and delivers long-lasting results. The typical fat loss is 1lb per day. Hosted in the Champneys Spa Resort in the picturesque English countryside, the all-inclusive package is always popular so book early.

Body Reboot Retreat

North Berwick, Scotland

The perfect blend of delicious detox cuisine, educational hands-on workshops, exercising in the great outdoors and spa downtime. The retreat menu includes smoothies, raw snack balls, salads and soups, supported by daily exercise tailored to your current level of fitness. This programme also delivers a fat loss of 1lb per day - the ultimate kick-start for a long-term healthier lifestyle. It is our only dog friendly beachside location - if you like a relaxed, fun and low-key atmosphere, this is for you. 

Luxury Mediterranean Detox

Marbella Club, Spain 

There's no place quite like The Marbella Club. Iconic and luxurious, it retains an elegant simplicity that is simply heaven on earth.  Like all my retreats and clinics, personalisation is also core to this experience, with tailored menus, pilates, yoga, spa treatments and 1:1 consultations. Exceptional service at all times means this package is hard to beat, and it offers excellent value for this award-winning world leading hotel. 

"What singles out Amanda’s retreats from others is not just the informative daily workshops she gives which she tailors to the group’s needs, it’s also the dedicated care and attention during the retreat and afterwards to make sure you get the most out of your detox experience. This includes personalised teas, variations on juices served and supplements chosen to support your programme." Queen of Retreats 

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