Welcome to LifeCo Bodrum!

Our team offer a tailor-made service to help you find your perfect LifeCo Bodrum retreat. It can be daunting to know which detox or lifestyle programme to go for so we have introduced a no extra cost arrangement service that makes you detox experience stress-free and even more effective. 

This Bodrum venue is full of a Turkish charm that's captured the loyalty of regular clients from near and far. In 2015, lovely beach-side accommodation was added to this ever popular resort that we're happy to report is every bit as lovely as the original site. 

Highlights include daily yoga, excellent juice bar service, massage and the traditional Turkish Hamam.

The Master cleanse remains the most popular programme but incredible results can be also achieved by blending some of the lesser known protocols. 

  • LifeCo specializes in detox retreats and cleansing — nothing else
  • LifeCo team has been proven over the years and their system works
  • Wide range of fabulous therapies and workshops
  • Five minutes walk to the beach with much else to do

Speak to us to help create the perfect package for you - available year round.