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Welcome to my Personalised Retreats

For more than a decade I have run wellness and detox retreats all over Europe, including setting up my own five star signature wellbeing destinations in Greece and Spain. 

The nature-cure philosophy of my fasting-based detox approach became famous through TV series and books, but science and nutrition have moved on.  We now blend expertise, empathy and insight with functional testing and personalisation - a world away from the ubiquitous one-size-fits-all detox that may or may not hit the mark. 

Our retreats include pre-analysis and post nutrition support and even personalised blends of juices, teas and supplements, chosen to fit your needs and goals exactly. Guests have the option of DNA testing, gut health checks, functional medicine through our clinic. As always, this expert advice is paired with enriching activities such as yoga, meditation, psychology, healthy cooking, nutrition workshops, beach fitness and hiking - just some of the all-inclusive sessions on offer.

Throughout the year our retreats are hosted in handpicked destinations in England, Scotland, Greece and Spain - carefully curated to deliver benefits for body, mind and spirit.

Whether it is a deliciously healthy detox, to kick start weight loss, address a specific complaint - or just to pamper and inspire a little change in your life - why not talk to us; chances are that we can help!

All our retreats are designed to be inspiring, helpful and - in some way - life changing. As ever, the best way to move forward is to retreat.

"Amanda is queen of the detox scene" The Times

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