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When our bodies are working optimally they are able to eliminate toxins efficiently, but when they become overloaded they can become sluggish, overweight (or underweight in some instances) and more susceptible to disease.

The result is that ‘toxic signals’ such as aches and pains, irritable bowel, skin complaints, mood swings and fatigue start to kick in. If these signals are ignored then they are the basis for longer-term chronic health problems.

The best way to help your body to detoxify more effectively is juice fasting. When you fast with juices and light broths, the body is supported with abundant levels of nutrients at the same time as being given the time to identify and get rid of damaged or defective parts.

This process is called autophagy, term was coined by a biochemist in the 1960’s. Think of it as a spring clean for your body, or like putting your body (your vehicle for life) in for a service, much like you would for your car. 

You don’t need to worry about juice fasting slowing your metabolism either. The research on fasting seems to show that eating less often could actually boost your metabolic rate. Even more exciting is that fasting is thought to increase the amount of fat your body will burn. This is largely because fasting triggers the release of growth hormone (GH), which encourages your body to look for other fuel sources instead of utilising its muscle stores.

Last but certainly not least, juice fasting delivers results faster than any other method I've come across, but with long term benefits.

Fasting is now considered an acceptable treatment or approach for reducing inflammation, promoting longevity, improving insulin response, boosting cardiovascular health and even supporting cancer treatment. 

Our Personalised Juice Detox retreats run from 3 to 7 days, with follow on nutrition advice as standard. 



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