Welcome to Ibiza detox bootcamp

Our new location is certain to become a favourite among our regulars and first-timers alike.  

This wellbeing retreat has been inspired by the best of bootcamp and detox, set in a stunning part of Ibiza and partnered with Europe's leading "active wellbeing" companies - 38 Degrees North.

The vibe is less about the spa treatments and sumptuous robes - although the hotel facilities are fantastic - during this retreat, Mother Nature takes centre stage. So, alongside a professionally led juice cleanse we’ve added a gentle fitness programme inspired by the great surroundings.  

You’ll feel your body relax in crystal clear waters, take in the view from the gentle hikes, enjoy the thrill of a SUP tour and exquisite yoga stretching and at the end of each detox day, watch the sunset from the sandy bay.

Book early - numbers strictly limited!

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