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Nutrition philosophy

I've often asked about my approach to my own diet as a shortcut to explaining my wider health philosophy.

Healthy eating should be about abundance and diversity rather than avoidance, it should celebrate deliciously natural and sustainable ingredients that are enjoyable and accessible for all. 

In nutrition speak that would look most like my personal blend of Paleo + Vegan with gut friendly ingredients to nourish my inner health. 

The trillions of bacteria that live in the gut differ hugely from person to person are responsible for your unique response to food. You share around 99 percent of their DNA with the person next to you but the difference between any two people’s microbial populations (gut bacteria) are enormous.

These microbes impact on your weight, health and mood. I use both DNA and gut functionality testing to help personalise my client's diets, either to create change, or sustain results. 

So, I eat so that this most valuable resource - my inner health - is well looked after. This helps me stay healthy and stay in shape. 

My typical shopping checklist includes lots of plants, good fats, nuts, seeds and beans, sustainable amounts of meat and fish and a mixture of organic dairy, goat's cheese and nut milks, if I don't find the time to make my own. I boost my baking with nutrient dense ingredients such as spirulina, chia, maca and cacao and I supercharge my mornings with a dose of caffeine. 

There's also room for functional foods and well chosen supplements. I stick to supplementing the key evidenced health protectors: essential fats, probiotics and Vitamin D3, using more specialist supplements as and when needed only. 

Last but certainly not least, every season I do some kind of 'detox' or short fast. Fasting methods such as juice detoxing or intermittent fasting (I.F) help make losing or maintaining weight easier and have numerous healthy and longevity benefits.  I strongly recommend it.

And of course, there are some days when the healthiest and happiest thing to do is to enjoy a fine artisan G & T and throw the rulebook out the window.

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