Marbella Club Bespoke (year round)

Amanda Hamilton has designed five wellbeing programmes that are personalised to fit client needs, based on specialist menus, spa treatments and support and guidance from medical and exercise experts - that are available year round at the iconic Marbella Club hotel in Spain for 4, 7 or longer breaks. Packages can be based on non residential and residential options.

As a wellbeing guest you can enjoy all that the resort has to offer such as exquisite food,  excellent service, a stunning Thalasso-based spa, the famed understated luxury - and yes, even an occasional glass of wine - and still enjoy results such as weight loss, improved health markers, reduction in stress and increased fitness.

The menus offer tailored ingredients that are targeted to benefit weight loss, detox, skin health, performance or improve specific health concerns.

Amanda’s programmes are delivered on a day to day basis for guests from around the world by an excellent in-house team, including a nutritionist, personal trainers and medical experts including a doctor and a psychologist.

Join in one of Amanda Hamilton’s signature wellbeing programmes now available year round at one of Europe’s most exclusive beachfront destinations for a highly personalised programme tailored to fit your needs. Pricing from 250€ per day. Please enquire and our team will create the best package to suit your needs,  according to duration, time or year and programme options.

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