Before you take a look around, let me tell you about my approach. 

My journalistic grounding helps me sift through the wealth of (often contradictory) nutritional information, to form an overall view. I stay away from the ideological turf wars that doggedly turn up whenever diets are discussed. Instead, I always work from a solid evidence base. What’s right for one person is not necessarily right for another.

My fasting programmes follow a safe, fasting-mimicking approach of no more than five days. With 20 years of experience, my team and focus on personalisation rather than protocol. What's right for one person, isn't right for another. Our commitment to remaining real, true and respectful is at the core of our ethics and our business.

Good nutrition transforms lives. The plagues of our society that will kill most of us before our time are the non-communicable diseases. Obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease are wholly preventable and almost always reversible if caught in time, and, in the Covid era, reducing those risk factors matter even more.  We should set raise our expectations - why not seek to feel - and look - like the best version of yourself? Don't wait to address your own health and wellbeing. It’s too important and time feels ever more finite.  

    Movement is also medicine. Being in nature soothes my soul, and staying active is a daily need. My background in international level sports has evolved into training in Pilates and Barre, and classes are included in all retreats and online programmes. 

    Last but never least, I am a mother of two great kids. Like so many others I care deeply about the worrying trends that the next generation, and our planet, are inheriting. Keeping nutrition and lifestyle advice real and realistic is vital for success - and sanity. 

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    The Power of Healthy Fats: A Key to Effective Fat Loss

    When it comes to losing body fat, many still people instinctively adopt a low-fat diet. However, this approach overlooks the...
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