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Personalised Nutrition Clinic


Working with Amanda was simply was the best decision I ever made, it changed my life! I lost 2 stone, experienced a total reversal in almost all my chronic health issues and have never looked back. R Al-Nouri 

Everyone is unique and Amanda's highly personalised approach with wraparound support and regular contact helps clients to achieve results and longer-term success. 

Here are some of the most common reasons people book a nutrition consultation:

  • Assistance with weight loss
  • Help your body heal from a chronic health condition
  • Improve gut function
  • Manage stress and burn out
  • Discover more satisfying food choices that suit you and your body
  • Make sense of nutritional information and find out what you should be doing, rather than follow the latest trend
  • Reduce waste and unnecessary expense on supplements that aren't suitable 
  • Create healthy nutrition habits that deliver results
  • Support your child's health
  • Boost fertility treatment / pre-conceptual health

Please refer to Packages & Costs page for detailed information. 


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