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Introduction to the Personalised Nutrition Clinic

Want to look and feel your best? 

"My aim is to empower clients with the nutritional guidance, support and the specific advice that is required to get long-lasting results."

Amanda Hamilton’s Nutrition Clinic aims to far reaching providing advice and guidance for men, women and children at all stages of life.

Amanda is one of the most in-demand nutritionists in Europe. She is a notable specialist in evidenced scientific subjects including weight loss, fasting and gut health. She is also well known for developing functional wellbeing programmes in some of the world’s leading destination spas. She is committed to helping as many people as possible through her busy clinic in London, her online programmes and her retreats. 

How it works 

Each consultation process begins with a fact-find phone call or Skype session from one of Amanda’s nutrition team. The consultation with Amanda Hamilton that will follow will be either be scheduled online one of the following clinic locations:

  • Kensington, London
  • North Berwick (near Edinburgh, easily accessible by train, train, car or transfer)
  • Champneys Spa, Tring (1hr from London, easily accessible by train, car or transfer)  
  • The Marbella Club Hotel, Marbella, Spain

Home visits or consultations in other locations can be arranged by special request. The specialist gut health clinic is now available online. 

Please refer to Locations, Packages & Costs page for further information. 


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