Amanda Hamilton is a leading nutritional expert and named one of the UK’s top five "Super-Nutritionists". A well-established professional speaker, she is the author of several leading books on nutrition including number one Amazon bestseller, The G Plan Dietand has also been at the forefront of some of the most exciting wellness and nutrition trends, having pioneered fasting-based programmes and gut-health retreats.

Prior to her professional training as a registered Nutritional Therapist Amanda was a BBC TV presenter and print journalist and she remains regularly engaged with media, communication and educational projects.

Amanda focusses on the ‘how-to’ of nutrition and lifestyle change, rather than just the ‘why’, and provides practical, tangible, and accessible action-points for individuals to embrace and enhance their well-being. With a fundamental belief in a truly holistic approach, remaining open-minded rather than dogmatic has never felt more important, Her team includes a Registered Nurse, a Dietician, a Counsellor and Mindset Coach and a Personal Trainer.

Over and above the principles of good nourishment, quality sleep and movement as medicine, a personal approach is always needed. What's right for one person isn't always suited for another. 

An associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine, Amanda recently set up the app-based programme, The Women’s Reset. The app focuses on women’s health aged 40+ with nutrition, exercise, mindset, and healthcare support. The programme has evolved to providing organisations with health education and support for their female staff.  


A well-known BBC TV presenter, Amanda has presented and produced a range of programmes focusing on nutrition and well-being, including The Truth About..., How to Live Longer and The Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses. She also spent many years co-hosting BBC’s Something for the Weekend live TV show.

Exercise and Sport

Exercise is a key aspect of Amanda's holistic approach to health and wellbeing. She competes internationally at singles badminton, representing Scotland after a near-25 year break from the sport. A qualified Pilates and Barre teacher, her classes run within The Women's Reset programme and during residential retreats. She has also trained in yoga and meditation during a sabbatical in India.

Nutrition Philopsophy

Amanda's approach to food is first and foremost realistic - lots of plants, farm to table, minimal processing and sustainability. She adds in gut-friendly foods and fasting-based protocols for wider health benefits. She's hugely passionate about making good nutrition more accessible to all. 

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