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Your health starts in what’s known as gut microbiome. The trillions of bacteria that live in the gut and differ hugely from person to person are responsible for your unique response to food. These microbes impact on your weight, health and mood.

Indeed, research now reveals why stubborn fat, lethargy, dodgy digestion, poor skin and more may result from an unbalanced gut - and how re-nourishing the gut with the right foods could finally solve those frustrations, for good.

In so many ways, healing the gut and improving digestion are interlinked with detoxification. Over the many years of running detox retreats we've seen dramatic improvements in symptoms such as bloating, IBS, inflammation and skin conditions. 

But there's more to rebalancing the gut and improving digestion that a short-term detox retreat. For this reasons I developed The G-Plan Diet, a 21-day plan that makes it simple and easy.

Over three weeks, my plan gives your digestion a rest and then gradually builds up your gut health while following a delicious meal plan. People who have followed this diet typically lose half a stone or more in the 21 days, and often continue to lose weight, while raving about increased energy, better mood and, most importantly, not feeling hungry at all.

Luckily, it is a diet of abundance, not restriction. A more diverse diet means a more diverse microbiome. So, whether or not you join me on the G-Plan Diet, choose a rainbow of fruit and veg, eat seasonally, enjoy new foods and flavours and a more exciting, varied, natural diet. Get out of that food rut and your digestion, your health and your waistline will thank you.

BBC2 programme Trust Me, I’m A Doctor confirmed the microbiome as 2017’s hottest health topic.

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