Nutrition blog: Mood food

  • Carrot Cake Overnight Oats

    Nothing is more likely to make us grumpy, miserable and unable to focus than sleep deprivation. And in the long term, sleep is critical to a long and healthy life....
    2016/May/26 0 Read more
  • Apple & Raspberry Oat Cake

    Potassium is an important mineral for mental health and brain function due to the role it plays in maintaining the electrical conductivity of the brain and nerve transmissions. Potassium is...
    2016/May/26 0 Read more
  • Festive Hot Chocolate

    Here’s the news that will make everyone happy. Chocolate really can help mood. Why? It’s all thanks to those feel-good chemicals endorphins, the same ones that increase when we exercise....
    2016/May/26 0 Read more
  • Salmon burgers for a brain boost!

    There's a reason why fish is known as brain food. Salmon is packed full of omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA which provide a multitude of brain and mood supporting...
    2016/May/26 0 Read more
  • The Perfect Prebiotic Salad

    Asparagus, a vegetable that has been eaten as a delicacy since the Roman times, is perfectly in season. It is loaded with mood-boosting potential and and nourishing prebiotics, food for...
    2016/May/26 0 Read more
  • Mood foods - focus on beetroot

    A root vegetable with the ability to help us feel relaxed and calm, beetroot has a soothing secret called betaine. Betaine was first discovered in the juice of sugar beets...
    2016/May/08 0 Read more
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