Locations, Packages & Costs

Consultations are available at locations in Kensington, London and North Berwick (by Edinburgh)  - or online via Skype. 


Please request a call back via the enquiry form if you'd like to discuss any aspect of the clinic programmes.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Clinic Consultation (2hrs) -  £195

The face to face or Zoom/Skype appointment takes up to 1hr, followed by the creation of a comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle plan, containing personalised nutrition advice including food group summary/quantity guides, supplement and lifestyle advice.  For adults or children.

Additional services as required, including:

  • Personalised full 4-week recipe plan - £100
  • 7 day personalised detox programme - £100
  • Functional medical test coordination and analysis - £50, plus lab test costs
  • Follow up consultations - £100

12-week Weight Loss & Body Reshape programme  - £995

  • 1:1 initial consultation plus 2 x programme updates 
  • Personalised menu plans based on lifestyle, nutritional needs & dietary preferences
  • Weekly support check-ins
  • Flexible hours for ad-hoc advice

    Gut Reset package with Functional Medical testing - £795 

    • Market leading GI health stool test with professional interpretation and advice 
    • Dietary consultation with four weeks of personalised menus 
    • Gut support supplements 
    • Follow up advice consultation 

    Functional testing available via partner laboratories

    • Thyroid health
    • Adrenal health / burn out
    • Vitamin and mineral analysis
    • Gut health profile
    • Hormonal tests
    • Liver function
    • Food allergies and intolerances
    • Cholesterol and heart health

    Bespoke services such as private chef training or small group events are available on request.


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