Locations, Packages & Costs

Consultations are available at locations in Kensington, London and North Berwick (by Edinburgh)  - or online via Skype. All clinic clients have the option of an additional weekly support coaching call if required. Bespoke services such as private chef training or small group events are available on request.

Nutrition Clinic packages are available for  4, 8 or 12 weeks with the option of ongoing weekly support if needed. Adult and children’s single advice-only (without recipe / menu plans) consultations are also available.


  • Single nutrition advice consultation (adult or child) - £150
  • 4-week plan - £295
  • 8-week plan - £550
  • 12-week plan - £795
  • Child consultation - £150
  • Additional weekly coaching / update via Skype / WhatsApp  - £150 per 4- week period

Consultations, support calls and updates are designed to be as flexible as possible, fitting around busy work, time zone or travel schedules. In some cases home or location visits are possible.

New! Add weekly coaching / accountability check-in's via Skype or Whatsapp  

To help you stay accountable and on-track with your goals, add on a weekly coaching call with me and /or one of my team of professional nutritionists.

Functional testing available via Partner Laboratories

  • Thyroid health
  • Adrenal health / burn out
  • Vitamin and mineral analysis
  • Gut health profile
  • Hormonal tests
  • Liver function
  • Food allergies and intolerances
  • Cholesterol and heart health

How it works

Initial fact find

  • A thorough review of health history
  • Diet diary analysis
  • Posture analysis
  • A review of your current diet and nutritional supplements
  • Goal setting and benchmarking

Personalised plan and support package

You will receive your plan, advice report and nutritional summary including detail on quantities, options by food group, supplements, lifestyle therapies plus recommendations of functional medical testing if necessary. Recipes are supplied in line with personal dietary requirements and lifestyle considerations.


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