Locations, Packages & Costs

Consultations are available at locations in Kensington, London and North Berwick (by Edinburgh)  - or online via Skype. 


Please request a call back via the enquiry form if you'd like to discuss any aspect of the clinic programmes.

Nutrition and lifestyle advice consultation - £195

The face to face or Zoom/Skype appointment takes 1hr. It results in the creation of nutrition and lifestyle plan, delivered as pdf, containing personalised nutrition advice including food group summary/quantity guides, supplement and lifestyle advice. The arrangement of any functional testing is also included. For adults or children. Follow-ups charged at £125. 

Nutrition & lifestyle consultation with 4-week menu plan - £295

1 x nutrition and lifestyle consultation PLUS 4-week personalised, in-depth menu plans with 100+ recipes and on-the-go options. 

Nutrition & lifestyle consultation with 14-day detox plan - £250 

1 x nutrition and lifestyle consultation PLUS 14 day detox plan. The plan is tailored to individual but can include juicing/fasting schedules and recipes, detox-style menus and therapeutic support techniques. 

3-month Body Transform package - £795 

Nutrition & lifestyle consultation PLUS 3 x 4-week in-depth menu plans, PLUS final review:

  • 1 x initial consultation and 2 x programme updates   
  • In-depth menu plans throughout 
  • Ongoing advice review 

Weekly coaching support 

To help you stay accountable and on-track with your goals, add on a weekly coaching call with a video summary. This is charged at £100 per month.



    Functional testing available via partner laboratories

    • Thyroid health
    • Adrenal health / burn out
    • Vitamin and mineral analysis
    • Gut health profile
    • Hormonal tests
    • Liver function
    • Food allergies and intolerances
    • Cholesterol and heart health

    Bespoke services such as private chef training or small group events are available on request.


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