Amanda's Healthy Recipes

healthy and delicious recipes from around our retreats and diet programmes

Amanda's Recipes: Vegetarian

  • Edamame Hummus

    Edamame beans are simply another name for soya beans. These little green beans are packed full of B-vitamins that help to break down carbs into glucose for fuel, so they are...
    2016/Dec/21 0 Read more
  • Summery Quinoa Breakfast Salad

    Quinoa is a superfood -  one of the few foods that truly deserve the title. Quinoa contains all the essential amino acids (EAAs), making it a complete protein, in actual...
    2016/May/31 0 Read more
  • Yoghurt, berry and oat breakfast trifle

    Trifle at breakfast needn't mean eating Christmas day leftovers. These ingredients may look indulgent but tick all the nutritional boxes. Enjoy!   Ingredients 80 ml Yoghurt - Low Fat Natural...
    2016/Jan/06 0 Read more
  • Vegetarian spaghetti bolognese

    This recipe is super easy and ideal if you are cooking for a group that includes a vegetarian. Just as tasty as the meat version too.    Ingredients 100 g...
    2016/Jan/06 0 Read more
  • Halloumi kebabs with coconut couscous

    Whether you are looking to opt out of consuming meat a few days a week - or are already a confirmed veggie - this recipe is a delicious light dinner...
    2015/Dec/30 0 Read more
  • Feta and spinach pancakes

    This is a perfect light lunch that can be adapted will a huge variety of fillings. A great way to use up leftovers too!    Ingredients 30g wholemeal flour 1...
    2015/Dec/30 0 Read more
  • Nairns oatcakes with Beetroot and Apple Waldorf topping

    Great for a detox inspired snack - try this delicious topping on Nairns gluten free oatcakes. Serves 1. Ingredients 2 gluten free oatcakes 1 small cooked beetroot, diced ½ green apple,...
    2015/Dec/29 0 Read more
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