Why average just isn't good enough

Statistics tells us we are fatter than we have ever been and more prone to depression than ever before.

Most life limiting and chronic diseases are related to lifestyle choices. For a TV documentary I followed the average British diet for one week with before and after medical tests. Within one week I had gained five pounds, my cholesterol and blood pressure raised to worrying levels and most shocking of all, my gallbladder doubled in size.

Average doesn’t cut it. Better nutrition has the power to transform.

Getting real

Any advice I give - I hope - comes with a hefty dose of real life. I feed growing kids who'd baulk at the idea of anything resembling one of my green concoctions, I have a healthy respect for a tight budget (having been on one for much of my life) and more than anything else, want to empower and engage people in making better, enjoyable and enriching choices about what they eat, drink and how they live.