Like many of you, I am adjusting from the shock of what coronavirus is doing to the world, and all of our lives. And, like all of you, I am in awe of those in the front line of the fight. 

However, after six weeks in lockdown and no end in sight, I decided to get back to work. After almost twenty years of delivering and creating detox and health retreats in far flung locations all over the world, it was time to accept and embrace the world of online.

Besides, this pandemic has highlighted the importance of looking after our overall health, come what may.  And - I've never been asked so frequently about how to lose weight quickly, safely and effectively! 

Retreating at home means that menus had to be  simple to create with easily accessible ingredients - the only piece of must-have equipment is a blender.

During the retreat we have two check-in's a day to help attendees feel part of the programme. One of these is Pilates (reaching those annoying parts of the body that don't comply with our aspirations) and is the lunchtime educational seminar which is interactive and supportive. 

The body change matters too. The average fat loss on one of our residential retreats is around one pound per day. So, I've designed the detox at home menus for create a similar result. 

At the beginning of this pandemic I felt unable to contribute, like a rabbit in headlights. But, now that my online retreats are up and running and I'm witnessing the incredible health results and feedback, I feel very blessed to be in some way a small part of a solution. 

I hope to see you online soon.