Our bodies become susceptible to deficiencies in the colder, darker months - are you prepared? 

This month's FREE webinar will take place on WEDNESDAY 25th OCTOBER at 9pm. Remember, if you sign up and can't make it along, you can still watch in catch up and you'll still get handouts and special offers, so book your place early!

The webinar will be covering the important subject of getting your body and mind prepared for a healthy and happy winter. Learn how and why certain nutrients become scarce, and find out what’s really needed and why, including:

  • SAD - everything you need to know
  • Why eating patterns change - and how to make comfort food healthier
  • Help your body fight off attacks by infections and viruses 
  • How to prevent skin drying 

Plus, all sign ups will receive special offers on supplements, SAD lights & Amanda's pdf download of comfort foods made healthier! 

Follow the link below to reserve your spot!