Every child deserves an education – and enough to eat. 

It was a easy decision - why not make sure that for every person that I help eat better, I make sure that at least one hungry child gets fed for an entire year?

From 2019 onwards, for every client joining one of our retreats, or attending a special ticketed event, my company makes a donation that will be feeding one of these children, thanks to the incredible work of Mary's Meals

Our target for 2019 is to provide 400 hungry children with a nourishing meal, each day of the year. 

A simple meal, costing an average of just £12.20 for a whole school year, encourages children to go to school rather than spending the day searching for something to eat.

School rolls increase dramatically when food is provided and the children are able to concentrate on their lessons. For the first time many children in countries like Malawi, Kenya, Liberia and Haiti can stop worrying about where their next meal is coming from and can look forward to a better future.

Mary’s Meals works with local volunteers who cook the food we provide. They rely volunteers all over the world that allows them to pledge that at least 93p in every pound donated will always be used on the projects overseas. 

To donate or to read more about this charity, visit our fundraising page