I was honoured to be a finalist of the business awards in Scotland. Like many other working women my life is a juggle and we all need to pat ourselves on our backs from time to time. Secondly, the satisfaction of building a business doing something I love is truly rewarding, especially after the early years of naysayers who believed that juicing was a non-starter or that detox spas wouldn't work. Proving people wrong is such fun!

However, like all businesses we can't rest on our laurels. I was recently asked to compile and present the nutrition industry’s key trend forecast for 2016 so here's a snippet.

The word I’d use to sum up how I see the next year in health is inner; a continued move towards and inside out philosophy on what we eat and drink, and how we live. This is nothing new of course, but I see this continuing and deepening.

In addition, I see a strong move towards personalisation, quest for meaningful knowledge, searching farther and wider for personalized answers, including embracing the natural food wisdom of the past.

The inner trend can be broadly described as digestive nutrition, a phrase you’ll be getting to know.

After all, you are not what you eat you eat, you what you absorb.

There’s a steadily growing mainstream interest in gut health and maintaining our natural ecology. This subject has reached a tipping point, brought on by the ever-increasing prevalence of digestive issues that run parallel to new advances and products that offer genuine benefit from the inside out. If you haven't already, you'll soon learn about the mind boggling impact of the human microbiome. Watch this space.