Amanda's new Rhythm juice range combining all the nutrient benefits you’d expect from cold-pressed juicing combined with added a unique coconut-based kefir. 

The Rhythm team call it digestive nutrition. Our coconut kefir delivers billions of natural lactic acid bacteria that are known to benefit the gut. The most potent of the drinks delivers 200 billion beneficial bacteria per shot - that’s equivalent to an entire tub of probiotics in a body-friendly state!

Wild, natural kefir cultures. Tender young coconuts. Refreshing flavors. No added sugar. No nonsense. Just nature.

The range is stocked in Wholefoods, Holland and Barrett, Planet Organic and many other health foods stores and can be ordered online at and

A well-functioning digestive system - also known as your gut - is not an optional extra, it’s vital to good health. Gut health is at the forefront supporting immune function, weight control and even mood. Happy tummy = happy body.

Made with tender young coconuts and billions of wild, natural kefir cultures, we use a cold-pressing technique to keep our drinks raw (uncooked or, if you will) and nutritious. All Rhythm cleanse products are independently verified for potency.