January is traditionally the month for detoxing after a festive period of excesses. But this year we’re running pre-Christmas detox retreats to help you go into the festive season feeling fighting fit, rather than stressed-out and sluggish! 

 Here are 7 reasons why now ‘tis the season to juice, detox and be merry!

De-stress before the chaos begins

Christmas often comes and goes in a blur of parties, shopping, family, friends and food! Our retreats are set in relaxing luxury locations and include meditation, exercise and nutrition to lower stress and boost mood, so you’ll feel calm, in control and ready to not only take on, but enjoy the season.

Lose weight to feel great in your party outfit  

On our juice detox customers can lose up to 1lb (0.5kg) a day meaning you’ll look even more fabulous in your festive party outfit. 

Boost immunity to avoid a Christmas cold 

Are you one of those people who gets ill every Christmas the moment you leave the office and start to enjoy time with family and friends? It’s a common issue. A juice detox helps give your body the time and energy it needs to repair and boost its immune defences.

Power-up to tackle the festivities

If you’re already feeling rundown, tired and sluggish, the prospect of Christmas and the activities it brings with it will probably seem overwhelming. Guests leave our retreats feeling younger, more alert and with a new spring in their step. Or, in other words with the energy to tackle anything life throws at them - even the prospect of cooking Christmas lunch for the in-laws!

Get nutrition tips to keep healthy habits on track 

How do you make healthy choices and stay in shape over the festive period? We’ll tell you our secrets on our special November events...

Be ready from the inside out

As far is the inner workings of your body are concerned, an increase in stodgy food, alcohol and late nights can lead to two main problems – an overloaded liver and a sluggish bowel. During our retreat you'll learn how to help your system deal with the festive season from the inside out, leaving you to enjoy looking and feeling better – good news if there is any mistletoe around!

But most of all, because YOU deserve it!

We rarely give our minds and bodies the nourishment and time-out they need to perform optimally. Whatever you’ve been through this year you deserve some time out to take care of you. Ultimately it will make you stronger and more able to take care of others both over Christmas and well into the New Year.

Our pre-Christmas Detox Retreats:

A guided Personalised Detox Retreat at the gorgeous 5-star Marbella Club Hotel from the 9th to 13th November.

A 3-day Juice Detox Weekend or 6-day Total Juice Detox Break at the idyllic Champneys Tring, just 30 minutes from London. From the 25th - 27th or 30th November.