We thought we'd give you the skinny on day 7 of the detox here at LifeCo Antalya. Literally skinny as our detoxers have transformed before our eyes throughout filming!

Through a combination of juicing and in some cases raw food detox (all are given a consultation and appropriate programme when they arrive and it's monitored and altered according to how they progress) each have combated their own personal mixture of issues with food and associated illness and, as well as dropping kilos, they're binning old habits and embracing new ways of thinking about nutrition. A truly lovely group of people who we're sure everyone will take to their hearts as much as we have here on set.

So what makes the Signature LifeCo detox here so different? As well as the holistic, personal touch you'd expect from one of Amanda's retreats, there is a whole range of ground breaking treatments you can try here which will help the detox process as well as enjoying the luxurious 5 star Akra Barut, Antalya.

In terms of our filming, you'll watch these people's journeys from illness and overweight (in some but not all cases) to health and weight loss when you view the programme online. Filming of group talks with Amanda as well as personal interviews with those taking part gives you a real insight into the people and the problems which could so easily be yours or mine. Witness what the detox can do and maybe consider how it might help you.