...nutritionist and foodie

I've been a practising nutritionist for more than a decade and have worked across clinics, public sector and privately through my own retreat programmes. One of my key goals is to offer a no non-sense, professional approach - fads come and go but good advice stands the test of time.

...seeking to to make life healthier

One of my biggest passions is to help communicate and inspire the simple and easy habits and choices that people, communities and societies can make to live healthier, longer lives. This has ranged from developing my own diet system, to frequently delivering talks and events and working with the likes of the Scottish Government's Curriculum for Excellence on food education. 

...writer and creative

Finding the story behind the story is my mojo. I’ve now published three books and have worked for major TV channels and networks, including originating a series that has now been seen in more than 20 countries. A regular columnist, blogger and spokesperson, communicating health is more exciting now than it’s ever been.

...and an entrepreneur

My parents will vouch for my entrepreneurial instincts from an early age and I’m lucky enough to have worked for fantastic companies such as Microsoft and BBC. For the last ten years, I’ve run my own businesses, working with major health brands, creating spa programmes and building a new food and drink product range called Rhythm that includes kefir based juices, yoghurts and daily booster shots. |