...nutritionist and retreat host

I've been a professional nutritionist for more than a decade. I run a busy clinic in London and deliver signature residential retreat programmes in Champneys Spa Hotel and The Marbella Club in Spain. I also run retreats and bespoke events in my native North Berwick, Scotland's most beautiful beach destination on the famous golf coast. 

...seeking to bring health to life 

One of my key goals is to offer a no nonsense, professional evidence-based approach that gets results - fads come and go but good advice stands the test of time. One of my biggest passions is to help communicate and inspire the simple and easy habits and choices that people, communities and societies can make to live healthier, longer lives. I try to cut through the information overload and deliver the pragmatic, realistic approach.

...writer and presenter 

Having worked as a journalist, finding the story behind the story has always been my mojo. I’ve now published four best-selling books and have created and presented formats for major TV channels and networks, including originating a series that has now been seen in more than 20 countries. A regular columnist, blogger and spokesperson, communicating health is more exciting now than it’s ever been.

...yoga and meditation

In my mid-twenties I moved for a year to live in a simple Ashram in India to study yoga and meditation. That life changing experience remains at the absolute core of my approach. I'm lucky enough to be now able to teach meditation during my retreats. 


Business for business sake isn't for me, everything I do has to have a purpose and a meaning. Saying that, it is a label that I accept given I now have a range of supplements, a juice delivery programme, online coaching, retreats and licensed spa / wellbeing destinations. Whenever I create something new it is to improve what I feel is lacking in the current market.

Now that business is growing fast, and that I have a fantastic team around me, I've now created my own charity, The Moonlight Retreat, where a percentage of profits from all that I do will fund an annual healing retreat for those who couldn't otherwise afford it.

For more information, drop us a line on info@amandahamilton.com