Amanda Hamilton is bringing her juice detox retreats to her home town of North Berwick, one of Scotland's finest beach locations. 

From Jan 2016, juice detox weekends and 5-day juicing breaks will be hosted at the breathtaking Marine Hotel and Spa in North Berwick with residential and non-residential options.

For more than a decade Hamilton has set up spas and detox programmes around the world, most recently made famous by Kate Moss, a detox regular at her Turkish location. In recognition of her impact in the spa sector her business was recently shortlisted for an international growth award in 2015.

“It’s great to have an international business but there’s simply no place like home and the Marine Hotel in North Berwick is an exceptional location. There’s a great network of personal trainers and therapists locally that we are involving in the retreats which is really exciting too."

For spa lovers, the hotel is home to a stunning thermal suite which now specializes in a range of natural, marine inspired seaweed treatments and products by award winning Scottish brand Ishga.

There’s also a packed timetable of extra activities focused on inspiring healthier lifestyle choices through education and exercise.

Guests are encouraged to participate in beach workouts suitable for all levels (using the Vipr training system) and have a daily workshop on subjects such as weight management, stress and nutrition for longevity.

The breaks are based around juice fasting to optimise nutrients and minimise calories. This helps shift weight safely and offers a chance for the body to heal from within, often with a dramatic affect on health markers such as inflammation, cholesterol levels and insulin sensitivity.

“When I first started working with fasting it was an uphill battle to help people understand the benefits. These days many people understand the benefits of an intermittent fasting approach - the most popular application of which is the 5:2 diet - and a juice fast has similar benefits. Of course, weight loss is also a guaranteed side effect so it’s a great way to kickstart a healthier lifestyle.

On the longer retreats, a personal nutrition consultation  is included to tackle any specific health issues or lifestyle concerns with follow up advice and menu plans and all guests receive follow on support menus to help maintain the benefits longer term.

All guests receive a goodie bag on departure featuring some of Scotland’s most successful healthy food and drink brands including: IQ chocolate, Healthy Nibbles snack boxes and Nutrifiz.

There’s easy access to this gorgeous location by train, car or transfer from Edinburgh airport.

“What I liked most was that Amanda was really in tune with the real world and everyday problems people experience across the spectrum & gave examples of different scenarios. Having had 6 weeks of a flare up of my colitis I couldn't believe how quickly it settled within just two days of the program.”

Denise Chapman, 60

“I really enjoyed the retreat. The quality of the juices and the advice were really good. I look forward to coming back.”

Michelle Eustace